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Watch 1010Watch 1010

Horology magazine and timepiece store

The next landmark in horology journalism with an exceptional e-commerce experience

1010 is all about luxury watchmaking, highlighting a full industry perspective in all its complexity. The online portal for experts, enthusiasts, novices, and collectors provides curated content that covers all aspects of the industry and gives the availability to purchase exclusive timepieces and accessories. Digital-first 1010 is also supported by a magazine published quarterly.

We committed to creating a remarkable portal and home for the brand that demonstrates its values. Together with Six, we created a powerful platform that allows editors to create memorable content that seamlessly integrates with a store.

Exceptional Content Presentation

Varying content categories need distinct presentation methods. News, stories, reviews, events, interviews – for each of these, we’ve created unique templates that highlight the value of each type of content.

To manage this wide range of content, we’ve created powerful, intelligent tools and supported them with a pinch of AI. The system is based on a modular framework to provide maximum flexibility for creators. It allows editors to change anything on any page with just a few clicks and no need to go to the dashboard.

A Seamless Blend of Content and Commerce

For 1010, the store is an integrative part of the content. Like anything else on the portal, it’s curated by the team of editors. Any page of the store can be easily changed in the same way as the content part of the portal.

The product page uses storytelling to highlight each specialty of the timepiece, guiding a customer through all the details.