Case Study


Men’s luxury lifestyle magazine and store

Online magazine and e-commerce experience for the stylish gents

Debonair is a monthly print magazine and online portal dedicated to men’s lifestyles of luxury. Designed for modern, affluent gentlemen, its subjects are style, business, travel, and culture. It’s created by the talented editorial team, Pinpoint Media Group, one of the leading media houses on the Middle East. In addition to top-notch editorial content, the online platform features a comprehensive e-commerce store with everything a contemporary man could want.

In collaboration with Six, we created a unique digital experience expressing magazine ideology online effortlessly spreading into e-commerce.

Exposing the editorial content

We aimed to remove creative barriers for the editors. To create great content, you need powerful tools. The platform was built based on a modular, highly customizable system. Pre-built modules allow editors to create a unique-looking story or a page in just a few clicks. Long-read, fashion shoot, or a short story – everything is made in the same way utilizing the modular system.

The platform allows editors to change anything directly on a page with no need to go to the dashboard. In this way, editors can see results straight away while designing the next article.

Using the power of storytelling to drive sales up

The general idea of the store was to drive sales through the content. While reading an article about style, you can click on the picture and buy the product straight away. We created a powerful fusion of content and e-commerce, where each part completes the other.

The modular system allows promoting products directly in the body of an article like it’s a part of the content. In this way, we can catch that emotional moment when the consumer reads a story and looks at stylish pictures and then, becomes a buyer.

From the other side, the product page contains articles where it was mentioned to convince a customer to make the purchase.

Elevating product presentation

Like a content part, e-commerce is made in the same modular way, so any page of the store could be customized by the editor.

Every section of the store has own landing page that guides customer in a range of selection, gives helpful tips and offers top items. The product page explains advantages and suggests complementary items. If this product was mentioned in an article it will also appear on the page.