Case Study

Natco Foods

Online store for world leading brand

New home for world leading brand producing spices, nuts and more

Natco is a food ingredient production company established in the UK in 1961 and wellknown all around the world. It is the favoured brand for spices and herbs, nuts, poppadoms, lentils, gram flour, grains, chutneys, seeds and more.

We’ve been prompted to build a new digital home for the brand and deliver earth-loving philanthropy values settled in the core. In the same time, our task was to replace an old online store and merge it with the corporate website.

Values of The Brand

Natco Foods is a sincerely philanthropic company. Many years they are donating the major part of its profit to Human Capability Foundation. The company is fully environment-friendly using renewable energy and carrying about recycles. This is a rear case of a truly responsible company, that cares about its society and environment influence more than about the profit. We believe that these facts are worth telling.

Selling Own Goods

Highest quality and best ingredients collecting from all around the world makes Natco Foods a popular choice for professionals and enthusiasts of cooking.

Having this fact, Natco decided to sell their goods not only through the usual sales channels like supermarkets but also through the online directly to their fans. We’ve built an e-commerce solution that satisfies their needs.

Show Products in Action

Natco Foods have a wide range of products. Such wide that customers are not familiar with some of them. The simplest way to show the use of spices is to show it on practice. This is where the recipe section comes from.

The recipes list was build in a way to cover the most common questions and up-sale products that have low recognition.